What is cinema Advertising ?

Cinema delivers advertisers a targeted marketing opportunity in a unique environment with an attentive audience, multiple consumer touch points, and the flexibility for entertaining pre shows or lobby displays.

The cinema audience along with being attentive gets engaged, and are comprised of young, affluent, and well educated consumers who aren’t distracted by cell phones, devices, electronic media, or many other daily tasks. About 3.5 to 4 billion movie tickets are sold in India every year.. That means every Indian goes to a theatre 3.5 times a year.

Movie theatre Ads have a REACH. It always had. It is a model of campaigning, where viewers are bound to watch an advertisement and most of them are open to cinema advertisements.

The very feel of the big screen environment and the audience’s undivided attention leaves an authentic impact and an enhanced brand experience. Through cinema advertising, consumers are more likely to remember your advert, talk about it & share their experience on social media.

The same has a high recall value associated with it. Cinema advertising campaign has been largely accepted by people all over the world as a mechanism to generate output and has prompted large number of advertising firms to make foray into this business.

Why Us?

  • One point destination for all your cinema branding needs
  • Shiva Multiplex” is the fastest growing multiplex chain spread across western Odisha.
  • Having its presence in xx cities with xxx operational locations and xxx screens
  • Significant presence across Tier 2 and 3 cities for greater reach and penetration
  • Attracts audiences of all target groups & stature which works for brand requirements
  • Comfortable & Hassle free execution of your campaigns/activities.
  • We possess enriched manpower. We have experts in their respective segments who can help get you, Right Exposure & Brand Connect
  • Competitive Rates & Best Deals
  • No Hidden Cost or Charges involved
  • Loyalty Benefits to our clients

Advertising Options with Shiva Multiplex

We offer all services related to On Screen & Off Screen branding at Cinemas

  • Leaflet branding
  • Onscreen
  • Commercials
  • Audio/ Mute Slide Display
  • Off Screen
  • Ticket Jackets
  • Seat Branding
  • Arch Gate Branding
  • Box Office Branding
  • Lift door
  • Standees
  • Sampling Desks
  • Back Lit Poster Box
  • Front Lit Poster Box
  • Danglers
  • Audi Door Branding
  • Escalator Branding
  • Rest/ Wash Room Branding
  • Branding at Lobby
  • Floor stickers
  • Wall branding
  • LCD branding
  • Façade Hoardings
  • Drop Downs
  • Glass Façade
  • Staircase Branding
  • Parking Branding
  • Scrollers
  • Popcorn Cone/Tub Branding

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